RSPCA POG Adoption Virtual Session

Course Details

Class Size
50 dogs
1 hour
2 weeks

RSPCA POG adoptions only. To attend this course you’ll need a laptop, phone or tablet with a webcam, a decent internet connection. A laptop or computer with a webcam is easiest, but a phone or tablet will work.

Not a puppy, not yet a dog… they’re POGS! 

At 4-12 months they’re not quite puppies and not yet fully grown dogs. But each and every one of them have big hearts.

They are more than ready to find their loving forever homes. Boopable snoots and waggly tails included!

Adopt before Thursday, 28 March 2024 and receive a FREE virtual training session with RSPCA School for Pets to help settle your POG into their new home. 2 weekly virtual sessions that run for 50 minutes. 

Are you ready to find your new bestie? See their profiles and apply to #AdoptAPog today

Our Trainer Rebecca Huysse is exceptionally great, we thank her for having the patience and charisma for teaching not only Saint but our little family aswell the fundamentals of puppy stage.

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