Group Training Courses

Baby Puppy (Lvl1)

A force-free, fully comprehensive program designed to support puppies during their most important learning phase. For puppies aged 8 - 12 weeks

Senior Puppy (Lvl 1)

A comprehensive force free course for puppies aged between 13 - 16 weeks. While learning in a fun and welcoming environment, you and your pup will learn fundamental lifelong skills.

Fundamentals (Lvl1)

The perfect refresher course. Designed to help dogs of all ages build a lifelong bond with their families. Your dog will learn new skills and tricks while having a great time

Jnr Fundamentals (Lvl1)

The Junior Fundamentals Course is designed specifically for puppies between 4 and 12 months of age. Our experienced trainers are ready to support you and your pup in our fully comprehensive course for adolescents.

Intermediate (Lvl2)

Intermediate is full of new tricks, fun and games. Teach your dog to wave, roll over and take a bow! You'll also improve on previous skills by taking the training outdoors

Advanced Skills (Lvl3)

Take your training to the next level with the Advanced Skills course! Introducing agility, scent detection, advanced trick training and more

RSPCA POG Adoption Virtual Session

Adopt before Thursday, 28 March 2024 and receive a FREE virtual training session with RSPCA School for Pets to help settle your POG into their new home. 2 weekly virtual sessions that run for 50 minutes.

Fundamentals: Online

A force-free, fully comprehensive online program designed to teach your dog new skills and tricks, as well as exercises to settle and relax. Perfect for dogs of all ages.

Reactive Rover

Our Reactive Rover course is a seven week program designed specifically for dogs who pull, lunge, bark or growl towards other dogs when walked on lead

Stockland: Fundamentals

A prepaid basic obedience course for residents of Stockland Providence.