About Us

RSPCA School for Pets offers humane, fun and effective training options and behaviour solutions for pets and their families.

Using reward-based, force-free training methods, all course curriculums have been carefully developed to strengthen the bond between families and their pets.

Why choose RSPCA School for Pets?

  • Scientifically proven training techniques
  • Friendly, highly experienced trainers
  • Discounts for returning clients and RSPCA adopters

‚ÄčCourse for a cause

All proceeds from RSPCA School for Pets are used to support homeless animals in shelters across Queensland. That means that while you and your best friend are enjoying your class, you can feel even better knowing that your booking has provided training and behaviour support for an animal in care. 

Training method

RSPCA recommends positive, reward-based training as the most humane and effective training method for animals.

Also known as positive reinforcement, reward-based training involves teaching your pet to offer desirable behaviours by giving them something that they like. It’s a scientifically proven method of teaching which does not require any force, fear, pain or intimidation to get results.

Giving your dog a reward such as food or praise after they do something good means that they will be likely to repeat that behaviour again and again. All RSPCA School for Pets training curriculums have been carefully developed to help strengthen the bond between pets and their families.

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