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Training Packages

Posted 30 May 2023

Are you planning for a new puppy? Have you recently adopted a dog?

Check out our training package options to support you and your pet!

Reactive Rover?

Posted 28 Apr 2023

You're not alone! It can be isolating to own a dog who barks and lunges on lead, but RSPCA School for Pets is here to help!


Posted 25 Mar 2023

It’s normal to feel shocked, disappointed
and even embarrassed if your dog growls. The
good news is growling is a perfectly normal
canine behaviour that can actually be very

Why does your cat toilet outside the litter tray?

Posted 5 Mar 2023

Cats toileting outside the litter tray or around the house is a common issue reported by families, but with the right information, it is generally relatively easy to resolve.

Toilet training

Posted 21 Nov 2022

Teaching your puppy or dog to toilet in the right spot can be a stressful experience, but don't worry, we're here to help!

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