Our Guarantee

Dog training classes are difficult to guarantee, since it requires an almost equal degree of participation from you, your dog, and the trainer. Since we can only control our devotion to the training process, we can't guarantee that your dog's behavior problems will be completely eliminated.

It is unethical to guarantee results, as leading organisations such as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and Council of Certified Pet Dog Trainers (CCPDT) and many others, state in their code of ethics. Because of variables in dog breeding and temperament and owner commitment and experience, a trainer cannot and should not guarantee the results of his/her training. We only see you and your dog for 1 hour each week of your course, and we cannot guarantee your behaviour outside of these hours either!

Training is also something that you need to continue for the life of your dog. We do aim to train you how to train your dog in the most effective, safe and enjoyable training methods, based on scientifically sound research and best practice.

Here's what we can and do guarantee:

We consider your satisfaction to be our measure of success. If you're happy, we made great progress. If you're not satisfied, then even if we brought all our skills, our dedication, and our commitment to the process, we still haven't made the progress we hoped for.

If that happens, then we will either take new steps to fix the problem to your satisfaction, or offer you a refund. We can make this commitment because our services are guided by a commitment to ensure that: animals thrive in their homes by instilling a deep understanding and bond between our clients and their animals that lasts a lifetime; clients have the tools and knowledge to teach their animals what is expected of them in all situations: and our training techniques and tools are guided by the five freedoms for animals.

I have learned as much as my dog in class... probably more!

– Baby Puppy Graduate, December 2015

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